Power Your Home With Up To 100% Renewable Energy

Lower your carbon footprint and environmental impact with up to 100% renewable energy.

Because electricity enters the power grid from various sources, from traditional natural gas to renewable sources like wind, solar and hydropower, it’s impossible to know exactly which source your electricity comes from.

But there is still a way to power your home or business with up to 100% renewables. Simply sign up for your local Touchstone Energy® Cooperative’s Renewable Energy Credit Program (REC).

RECs are certificates that transfer the “renewable” aspects of renewable energy to the enrolled member-owner. In other words, RECs represent the valuable renewable attributes of wind and solar energy.

One megawatt-hour produced by a renewable energy source equals one REC.

RECs can also be called “Green Tags.”

RECs come from the local wind farms that provide energy to your local Touchstone Energy® Cooperative. A few of these include Crow Lake Wind, The Chamberlain Turbines, Day County Wind Farm and the South Dakota Wind Project.

Members don’t need any specialized equipment to participate in the REC program. Simply sign up and continue to use electricity as you normally would. You will continue to be billed based on the kilowatt-hours used each month. The charge will appear on your regular monthly statement.

Purchase RECs for $1 per megawatt-hour. For example, if you use 1200 kWh per month, enrolling in the REC program would only add $1.20 plus tax to your monthly bill.

Powering your home or business with up to 100% renewables not only promotes future regional renewable projects and shows your support for renewable energy sources, but also adds value to your products and services. Easily attain environmental goals and demonstrate to customers and families that you’re a future-focused steward of the earth.

Ready to learn more or enroll? Get ahold of your local Touchstone Energy® Cooperative today. Re-energizing Efficiency

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