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Energy Education Videos

Energy 101: Geothermal Heat Pumps

An energy-efficient heating and cooling alternative, the geothermal heat pump system moves heat from the ground to a building (or from a building to the ground) through a series of flexible pipe "loops" containing water. In winter, heat from the relatively warmer ground goes through the heat exchanger into the building. In summer, hot air from the building is pulled through the heat exchanger into the relatively cooler ground. Heat pump systems are so efficient that they have proven to lower energy bills by up to 70% over traditional types of heating systems. This video shows how geothermal heat pumps generate clean, reliable, and renewable energy using the heat contained within the earth.

Energy 101: Wind Turbines

A form of solar energy, wind comes from the sun heating Earth's atmosphere, the rotation of the earth, and the earth's surface irregularities. Wind turbines are rotary devices that convert the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical energy, producing clean, zero-emission electricity. This video explains the basics of how wind turbines operate to produce clean power from an abundant, renewable resource—the wind.

Energy 101: Home Energy Checkup

A home energy checkup helps owners determine where their house is losing energy and money—and how such problems can be corrected to make the home more energy efficient. A professional technician—often called an energy auditor—can give your home a checkup. You can also do some of the steps yourself. Items shown here include checking for leaks, examining insulation, inspecting the furnace and ductwork, performing a blower door test, and using an infrared camera.

Energy 101: Solar

Enough energy from the sun hits the earth every hour to power the planet for a year—and solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are a clean, cost-effective way to harness that power for homes and businesses. PV systems generate power without pollution as they convert the sun's energy into electricity, and recent advancements have greatly improved their efficiency and electrical output. This video shows the basics of how a PV panel converts light radiated from the sun into usable power, whether on the electric grid or off—and without emissions or the use of fossil fuels.


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